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Office Closure


Our office is currently closed, we are still receiving calls but email is the best way to get ahold of someone, to find specific contact information, please go here : Contact


Website Improvements


We are moving our updates for water systems under each water system name. To find updates on your specific water system please click here. The Bulletin Board will only be used to update consumers on office closures, COVID and other office related issues. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact Savi at savi@nwwatersystems.com

Office Update



We understand that you may have not been able to reach the office today due to a local internet outage. We are sorry for the inconvenience and grateful for your patience. If you're having difficulty reaching us by phone, you can always email us at info@nwwatersystems.com or reach out to us through social media. 


After hours and in cases such as a phone, internet, or power outages if there is a water emergency there will be an option on our outgoing message for you to leave a voicemail that will go to our on-call technician and we will get a call back to you.  



Henderson Park



Out of water, generator is off due to no power, no repairs will be dispatched at this time - they would rather wait until the power company gets the power back on. 



Cherokee Bay


Cherokee Bay is out of power and water. Their generator is not working and have Alcorn (contractor) working on it. There is currently no estimated time for repair. 

Silver Hawk


The Silver Hawk Water System will be hosting another virtual meeting to provide water treatment updates. The meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 5th at 6:30PM.  To join the meeting, go to Zoom.com (or the Zoom app) and ever Meeting ID 896 8755 5194 and password 627285.  If you have any questions please contact Stephanie at stephanie@nwwatersystems.com.  Thank you.

Silver Hawk


The Silver Hawk Water System will be activating water treatment starting this morning, August 6th.  The water quality is anticipated to become discolored with possible odor periodically as the treatment optimizes.  Northwest Water Systems will be on site Tuesday, August 11th and routinely thereafter to perform flushing to help clear the lines.  Thank you.

Silver Hawk


The Silver Hawk Water System will be activating water treatment starting tomorrow morning, August 6th.  The water quality is anticipated to become discolored with possible odor periodically as the treatment optimizes.  Northwest Water Systems will be on site Tuesday, August 11th and routinely thereafter to perform flushing to help clear the lines.  Thank you.

Scott Lake


The precautionary boil water advisory at Scott Lake Water System has been lifted and any signs will be removed. We thank you for your patience.

Scott Lake


Scott Lake Water System Update: On Wednesday, July 23rd, the Scott Lake Maintenance water system will be shut down starting at 8AM - 5PM due to a planned repair. Once the repair has been completed, a water sample will be taken. The water system will be temporarily placed on a Precautionary Boil Water Advisory and signs will be posted in the community. Once the sample results have passed the boil water advisory has been lifted the signs will be taken down. Thank you.

Silver Hawk


Silver Hawk Water System (Thurston County) update: The Silver Hawk water system is currently in the adjustment period with the new treatment. The technicians are out daily to make adjustments and are aware of the ongoing concerns and issues. A flushing will be completed on Wednesday, July 22nd and hopefully you will start to see better results. We thank you for your patience.

Office Reopening


The office will be reopening June 1st.

We have made some changes and want to do our best to follow the rules and guideline set by Washington State Department of Health. We are now asking for appointments and requesting that we no longer have drop-ins.  When you do come into the office, per the mandatory rules of the Safe Start plan you will need to show ID and sign in.

If you would like further information on the Safe Start Plan please click here.

Boil Advisory


The boil water advisory has been lifted for the Cherokee Bay Water System, we thank you for your patience during this time.

Cherokee Bay


The Cherokee Bay water system was recently shut down because of a leak and has now been fixed and restored.  Due to the water system being shut down a precautionary boil advisory has been temporarily placed for the water system.  The water samples are being taken and you will be notified once the samples have passed and the precautionary boil advisory has been lifted.  Again, we appreciate your patience, thank you.

Cherokee Bay


Good afternoon,
The Cherokee Bay water system is temporarily shut down due to an emergency leak that took place around 216th Street.  The technician is currently onsite and fixing the issue as quickly as he can.  We apologize for the inconvenience and you will be notified with further updates as they are available.  Thank you.

Email Services - Phones


NWS will be completing a planned email migration beginning at 5PM PST today. Expected email downtime will be at least 2 hours. During this time any emails sent to NWS will be returned to the sender as deliverable. If you are experiencing a water system emergency, our on-call technician will still be available through our phone system, please call 360-876-0958 or through our message system on Facebook. Thank you for your patience.

Email Services


We are in the process of switching our e-mail service, so if someone sends us an e-mail during that time, they will get a message bounced back.  Please call us during that time if you need immediate assistance.  The transfer is only supposed to require a couple hours - but a heads up felt necessary.

Low Interest Government Loan Program


USDA Rural Development has dropped the interest rate on their low-interest loan program to 2.75-3.0% over 40 years.  Since this is somewhere near the long range rate of inflation, this is basically "free" money.  All water systems qualify for the program and you can apply any time.  Because of some base costs (environmental study, etc.) your water system needs to have a project that would cost at least $100,000.  However, if you have been putting off a project for a long time, this would be an excellent opportunity to replace your distribution system, or build a reservoir, or install treatment and more. If interested, please contact

Doug Piehl:


360-876-0958 x110


Todd Krause todd@nwwatersystems.com


Office Closure


While there have been no reported cases of COVID-19 at our office, Northwest Water Systems, carefully reviewed the guidelines by the Governor of Washington and (until further notice) have decided to close our office and have our employees work remotely.  If this is an emergency please call our office at 360-876-0958 and leave a message.  Your call will be returned promptly and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

If you have a payment please submit in our drop box

If you have a water sample you can leave at your own risk in the cooler outside the door.  Temperature sensitive samples should be delivered to the lab directly.     

If you have any concerns with COVID-19 and Drinking Water please find all updated information on the Department of Health’s website at www.doh.wa.gov/communityandenvironment/drinkingwater

Water Suspensions/COVID-19


Good Afternoon -
It has been decided that all water shut off/service suspension(s) will not be completed during the COVID-19 outbreak until further notice. We have been informed that all major utilities are moving towards this direction and found it appropriate to follow. Routine billing and payment processing will continue to be processed. When we are able to move forward with procedures on delinquent account(s), you will be notified.
We thank you for your understanding and hope everyone stays safe.



Department of Health has opened a much expanded call center so they can answer more of your questions quicker! The call center will be available from 6am-10pm 7 days a week at 1-800-525-0127.

There is no current evidence that coronaviruses are present in surface or ground water sources or transmitted through contaminated drinking water.

DOH COVID-19 Webpage  - https://www.doh.wa.gov/Emergencies/Coronavirus

Community and Environment - https://www.doh.wa.gov/CommunityandEnvironment/DrinkingWater

Nine General Ways To Protect Your Health

  1. Wash your hands. Frequently. And don’t touch your face. Don’t panic if you are struggling to find hand sanitizer in the stores. Soap and water will do.

  2. Cover your cough. There are actual disgusting studies on this! If you don’t cover your cough or sneeze, the droplets can travel up to six feet!

  3. Stay more than 6 feet away from each other. No hugs, no touching. Maybe greet your friends with a peace sign or, logically, with the Live Long and Prosper hand gesture.

  4. Disinfect hard surfaces like tables, doorknobs, phones. Coronaviruses like COVID-19 can live on hard surfaces for hours to days. Disinfect them before you touch them again and have to wash your hands again. Then wash your hands again anyway.

  5. Stay home if you are sick! If you have a fever and cough, stay home until your fever has been gone for 72 hours. Staying home while sick protects our friends and loved ones, some of whom may be at high risk of severe illness.

  6. Public health may ask you to limit your travel—maybe because of your specific exposure or illness, or maybe as part of a request to an entire community. Are you prepared to stay home for 14 days? Do you have enough food to last? Books? Board games? List of interesting, yet non-divisive topics to discuss with your spouse or housemates?

  7. Consider rescheduling or canceling large community events. If you are planning on holding a large event that involves people who may be at high risk of severe illness, and it is not an essential part of your business, it is reasonable to consider cancelling or rescheduling this event.  

  8. Follow international travel advice from CDC. At this point, this advice means delaying trips to China , Iran South Korea and Italy. Travel restrictions are in place for Japan and Hong Kong too.  

  9. Practice compassion. Avoid jumping to conclusions about people who may cough or sneeze at work. It is cold and flu season and people have allergies. Don’t grill your friends about their health conditions; instead, show them your support by offering them water or a tissue.

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