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Fire Hydrant Inspections

Many water systems have received notifications from their local fire districts to complete annual fire hydrant inspects to ensure they are in good operational condition in the event they are needed for fire protection. Universally all districts are requiring these inspections to be submitted to the Compliance Engine.

The Compliance Engine is simple:

Web-based service for code officials to track and drive inspection, testing and maintenance.

Code compliance is for

  • Fire protection systems

  • Reduce false alarm activity

  • Provide safer communities through third party inspection reporting and maintenance.

Any water system that supports fire flow and have fire hydrants with the option to have us complete the task of inspecting your hydrants for operation are advised to contact us to schedule. 360-876-0958 ext-112

If NWS already conducts an annual fire hydrant exercising program then the only additional step is reporting. Once the inspection is complete, NWS will compile all data:

  • Repairs

  • Replacements

  • Maintenance

and we will submit that information into The Compliance Engine.

Please contact us by phone at 360-876-0958 at extension 112 or by Email at

and we can get that scheduled for completion. We will also add your system to our schedule to complete each year to keep the inspections in compliance.

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