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Northwest Water Systems, Inc Services

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Utility Billing | Financial Management

- We follow YOUR billing policies.
- Read meters and input the data (if required).
- Process customer payments and deposit directly into water systems account.
- Calculation of penalty &/or service charges, dues, etc.
- Preparation and mailing of customer billing statements.
- Aging receivables statements, water service suspension, assist with lien filing, etc., allowable per billing policies & by-laws.
- For your customer’s convenience, we provide a reliable, consistent point of contact for questions regarding account status, payment issues, etc.  In addition, billing statements have a detachable payment --return stub and return envelopes are provided.


Since our inception in 1981, Northwest Water Systems has established itself as the largest Satellite Management Agency (SMA) in Washington State geographically. As of the beginning of 2017, over 650 Group A and B Public Water Systems utilize our wide variety of services in managing and operating their invaluable resource. We provide all required compliance reporting, cross-connection control services, water quality sample collections, valve and hydrant operation, system flushing, and other routine operations and maintenance services. Many systems use our Engineering services for guidance and design for their water system needs as well.

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Northwest Water Systems provides a wide range of engineering and design.  Our technical engineering resources allow us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the assessment of the infrastructure and the utility management implications.  That focus allows us to develop an in-depth knowledge that exceeds that of much larger engineering firms, while affording us the opportunity to provide the quality of service and attention to detail (not to mention, the lower overhead) of a smaller firm.

We are committed to making the best use of your existing infrastructure when designing an expansion, and have excellent rapport with the regulatory agencies to see the expansion through the approval process.  Our engineering and design services also include providing practical, accurate, and useful water system mapping and locating so that existing facilities can be found, utilized and understood in the course of day-to-day operations as well as during emergencies related to the water system.

 Engineering Services

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