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When is a Water Availability Request required?

A Water Availability request is required for any parcel that is within Northwest Water Systems retail service area not currently/currently served by Northwest Water Systems, if you are:

  • In the process of selling an undeveloped parcel

  • Building a new home or remodeling. ALL Counties within Washington State will not grant/issue a building permit without a copy/original Certificate of Water Availability.

  • Building a duplex or accessory/auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU) on a parcel with a primary residence

  • Starting a new plat development project (residential/commercial)

  • Need an updated Certificate of Water Availability

Who can make a Water Availability Request?

A Water Availability Request can be made by:

  • The legal parcel owner/developer, as listed by the County Assessor’s Office

  • New parcel owners not listed by the County Assessor’s Office need to provide legal documentation that lists them as the parcel owner

How can I fill out a water availability request?

By following this link > Water Availability Form

What are my next steps?

Wait. These requests can take up to 7-10 business days, sometimes sooner. Payment must be made before we release these letters as well as the water connection fee. Once the letter is complete and returned back to you, submitting it to the county is required. 

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