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Group-A Community and non-transient non-community (NTNC) water systems are required to monitor for PFAS beginning January 2023 through December 2025. Each water system's Water Quality Monitoring Schedule lists the PFAS monitoring requirement starting in 2023. PFAS Monitoring and Follow Up Actions 331-668 outlines the monitoring requirements in the revised rule.

The federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law makes additional funding available in grants and loans to public water systems for PFAS treatment, new source, or another preferred option for mitigating PFAS contamination. If interested, email

You can find more information at the DOH link: PFAS | Washington State Department of Health

About Us

Our Background


Our Purpose is to sustainably serve water systems with technical, managerial and financial services and thus assist them in providing safe and reliable drinking water in a manner that achieves regulatory compliance and reflects the needs and values of the water system owner and customers.


Our Vision is to provide quality, professional, comprehensive services to meet all needs and wants of drinking water systems.  This includes our current suite of services, as well as growing into additional areas of service as the opportunities arise.


First and foremost, as a company, we value people, our clients, our colleagues, and our company family, that is the team of individuals who make us who we are.


In addition, we value:

Honesty and Integrity

Hard Work

Individual Responsibility



An Enjoyable Workplace

Personal and Professional Growth


Serving Each Other

Serving Others


We believe the following metrics are the results that reflect on how well we are meeting our Purpose, Vision, and Values:

Retention of Clients



Retention of Employees

Profit with a Sustainable Business Model

Let Us Introduce You To Our Partner In The World Of Water! 

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